Senin, 09 November 2009

Green Revolution

The Green Revolution popular in 1950 until 1980. The Green Revolution approach agriculture to double food production. The Green Revolution is no longer so successful because many farmer cannot buy the expensive chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticide, and watering system. Green Revolution has brought the social and politic conflict. Because of this method, only large landowner can buy land from poor farmer. So, the large landowner become richer and poor people increases. So, government and farmer must find new method so that the need of the world's hungry people can decreased.

Technological Advancement Effect to Societies

Technology is a word used to collectively describe or portray the advancements, abilities, creations, undertakings, views, and knowledge of a singular group of persons: we as human-kind. Ancient people still uses traditional technology. Their gadgets are made by stone, wood, and animal bone. But now, all of technologies are made by modern machine. In global era, technology cannot be separated from our life. It is a must now. Every day we always use it for our daily activities. From we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night. Say for example technology gadgets are computer, telephone cellular, mp3, car, watch, and television. Everyone of course need it, right? To do our job, relax, get some information, and go to other place. Technological advancement is really affecting our society that is we can do work more efficiently, get information easily but technology also can make us lazy and we can be individualistic.

First, with technology, we can do our work more efficient, we can save the time for other daily activities. Say for example, for employee, they can do their assignment with computer. It is more organized an example is if you write a essay on paper you can lose it very easily but if you type it up in MS word it can be saved on your computer or a USB stick. If we want to presentation we can use Microsoft power point. It is easier to make other company know and interest with our project with good slide. Car or motorcycle is one of technology that can make our work more efficient. To go to the office, school, or college, we can arrive fast than if there is no technology. Imagine how long we need time to go to some places. With technology such as computer, car or motorcycle we can save more time to do something else in our daily activities.

Secondly, with technology we can get a lot of information quickly. We can see search in internet. The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data between themselves. It is an extremely large network that consists of countless smaller networks. The internet serves a much greater purpose. It allows for the sharing of information almost instantaneously between scholars, researchers, and others. It allows for information to be shared from the United States to China in less than a second. Before the times of the internet, the other alternatives to transmit information were not nearly as efficient or effective. The Internet allows for us to, in some ways make the world smaller. In the days of today’s stock markets, financial infrastructure, global news organizations, powerful militarizes, strong governments and big corporations, instantaneous communication is an asset we cannot afford to lose. The Internet allows for our society in modern day times to interconnect and promote globalization and information sharing.

Thirdly, technology also can make us lazy. People always watch television every time. Children do not want to study because they want to watch their favorite cartoon. Of course we ever get lazy because we watch our movie so we forget our study and our job. In weekend, people prefer to stay at home spend their weekend by watching television along day than go to gym or jogging in the yard. They forget their healthy. Other example that technology can make us lazy is play station. Especially for man who really like games. They can sit in front of the television along day just to play game. It is not good for children healthy and their education.

Last but not least, technology advancement can make people in the city be very individualistic. Because people can get they want like information and entertainment at home. So, they never meet their neighbor face to face. Moreover, they do not know that they have a neighbor. Some people are surrounding themselves with modern technology while paying little attention to the needs of others. Technology also can make discrepancy social between rich people and poor people. Only rich people who have modern technology like television, air conditioner, car, and computer. Poor people still use traditional gadget like stove from wood. As we know that technology is expensive to get.

In conclusion, technology has good affect and bad affect to our societies. Technology has good affect because it can help us to do our work more efficient and get information easily. But it is not good to us because technology can make us lazy and be individualistic. Good or bad for us depend on the way we use the technology for our life.

Rabu, 30 September 2009

adventage and disadvantage of graffiti

Nowadays, we can see graffiti everywhere. sometimes, graffiti is good looking but sometimes it is not. usually in the city, graffiti is drawn in wall along the street or in the pillar. Say for example in Surabaya, we can see graffities on the wall along the corner of Ngagel. Graffities in this place have a meaning. It is like an anecdote for our government to describe how people in Indonesia live. There are an advantage and disadvantage of graffiti in our life: make our environment more colorful and it is vandalism
The advantage of graffiti is it can make our environment more colorful. Of course for graffiti which has good color and good composition. With graffiti our environment is not as bored as if there is no graffiti. Say for example, when we were in traffic jam. We see graffiti in pillar or on the wall along the street, we will feel not bored anymore, right? Because in graffiti, we can see a story about our country, Indonesia.
The disadvantage is some graffities are vandalism. Because it is meaningless. for some people who do not like graffiti, they see that graffiti is destroy someone property. It just teenagers bad habit. There are posers who like to scribble of work of art and some people believe that graffiti artist are a destructive atrocity.
So, graffiti is not 100% bad. The great graffiti abilities of some artist is good thing. They just need to do it in the right place. graffiti has advantage and disadvantage, it depends on the way we look at them.